Arrival & Departure

We respectfully request that end of school day disruptions are kept to a minimum.  It can be highly disruptive to call into a class to have students leave early.  If you must sign a student  out early, before 3:15 pm, please call the office ahead of time at 613-962-2717.  The office staff will call the student to the office at that time to wait for you.  When you arrive to pickup, press the buzzer button and wait for further instructions.  You will be asked to come to the office to sign the student out and pick up from there.

If you are picking up after 3:15 pm or at dismissal time, please wait in your car in the 'pick up line' and follow those usual dismissal procedures.  The office is extremely busy from 3:15 pm until after the buses leave.  We ask that no sign outs occur after 3:15 pm unless there are extenuating circumstances.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.