Massassaga-Rednersville Public School is Peanut and Tree nut sensitive.

Please be aware that we have severe life threatening allergies to the following foods:

*           Sesame Seeds

*           Peanuts

*           Tree Nuts including:  Almonds, Cashews

Please remember to pack lunches without these ingredients.  Also, please refrain from sending any home baked items for sharing.  Cross-contamination is highly possible and we need to keep all students safe.

As celebrations occur throughout the year, families are tempted to send treats into classrooms for the whole class.  While this is very generous, we would like families to know that it is not necessary.  If you are considering sending in food items, you need to remember that we have students with severe food allergies.  You must speak with the classroom teacher in advance and also ensure the following:

  • Items are peanut, tree nut and sesame free (must be packaged and labelled as such)
  • Homemade food items should not be sent into the school for the whole class
  • No common/shared food types are permitted in classrooms
  • If staff are unsure if a food item is safe for students to eat, we will need to send it home.

We kindly request your assistance in keeping all of our students and staff safe at school.