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  • Election procedures must take place with the first 30 days of the school opening.School Council By-Laws
  • School council elections shall be held by closed ballots with voting slips prepared in advance. The principal in the presence of at least two parents who are not election candidates shall count ballots.
  • If a parent council position becomes vacant because of resignation or inability to fulfill their responsibilities, nomination forms for the vacant position will be sent home. An election for this position will take place.
  • Vacant positions, other than for parent representatives, may be filled by appointment of the council for the remaining term of office.
  • The school election plan will be determined in June for the following school year.
  • Meetings shall be scheduled once a month or at the discretion of the Chairperson. A minimum of four council meetings must be held within the school year.
  • All council members will attend scheduled meetings or call in their regrets to the office or Chairperson 48 hrs in advance. A meeting must have a quorum in compliance with Ontario Regulation 612/00.
  • If attendance for the meeting will be less then a quorum (50% + 1) with the majority being parent members, the meeting will be rescheduled. The decision rests with the Chairperson. The council will be advised via note from the office or by phone.
  • Council members will be in place 10 minutes prior to allow the meeting to start on time minimizing delays to all council members.
  • No member shall exceed more than two unexplained absences. Should this occur, the member will loose their position on the committee and the process stated in para 1c will apply.
  • Council members are elected to serve the school community and will demonstrate respect for their School Council colleagues on council at all times.
  • If a council member or members become disruptive during a meeting, the chair shall ask for order.
  • If all efforts to restore order fail or the unbecoming behavior continues, the chair may direct the individual council member to leave the meeting, citing the reason for the request.
  • The removal of a member for one meeting does not prevent the council member from participating in future meetings of council.
  • The incident shall be recorded and submitted to the Superintendent of Schools within one week of the meeting.
  • When the chair has requested the removal of a member or members from a meeting, the chair shall request that the disputing members of council participate in a special meeting, the purpose of which will be to arrive at a mutually acceptable solution to the dispute. Such a meeting may be a private meeting, and shall not be construed as a meeting of the council.
  • The chair may request the intervention of an independent third party to assist in achieving a solution to the dispute.
  • An independent third party may be a board official or another individual mutually agreed on by the School Council parties involved in the dispute.
  • Any resolution reached at the meeting to resolve the conflict shall be signed and respected in full by all parties to the agreement.
  • All school council members shall avoid situations that could result in an inconsistency between the overall goals and vision of the school council and a personal or vested interest, that arise in connection with his or her duties as a school council member.
  • Should an issue or agenda item arise during a council meeting where a council member is in a conflict of interest situation, they shall declare conflict of interest immediately and decline from the discussion and resolution.
  • A member shall exclude him or herself from discussion in which:
- a conflict of interest may be actual, perceived or potential.
- the council member, his or her relative, or business entity in which the member may have an interest, may gain or benefit either directly or indirectly as a result of actions that may be taken by the principal or board in response to advice that the council provides to the principal or the board.
  • A member shall not accept favors or economic benefits from any individuals, organizations, or entities known to be seeking business contracts within the school.
  • The minutes for the previous meeting along with the proposed agenda for the scheduled meeting will be posted one week before the meeting.
  • Each council member shall receive a copy of the minutes. Additional copies are to be located at the school council bulletin board for interested parents.
  • The agenda will follow the following format:
- review of minutes
- agenda review
*at the discretion of the Chair and committee last minute items may be added, replace a current item, tabled to a future meeting or placed at the end of the meeting time permitting.
- Chair report
- Principal report
- financial report (fundraising sub committee)
- teacher report
- general discussion (time permitting)
- closing (next meeting date)

  • The Chairperson is responsible for submitting a highlight of the council meeting to the school for the monthly newsletter. The submission will be into the office by the third Monday of that month.
  • Should the council’s submission not be used for the newsletter, the principal shall advised the Chair of the reason prior to the newsletter being distributed.
  • Information received from our board, Ministry and other councils will be presented to the council and then made available to sign out. The Chair is responsible to ensure all items are returned at year-end.
  • Sub-committees will handle surveys and reports that require council input. These committees are comprised of volunteers and are directly responsible to the Chairperson and the council as a whole.


  • schedule meetings
  • prepare agenda in consultation with the principalalt
  • Chair the meetings
  • oversee all sub-committees
  • conflict resolution within the council and school community
  • establish communication avenues with the principal
  • establish avenues to communicate with the school community
  • responsible to the Chair
  • compile minutes of each meeting and submit to the Chair within one week of the meeting for approval.
  • once approved, passed to the principal and the council
  • maintain council records and info received from the community (mail).

  • communicate and collaborate regularly with the school secretary and principal to obtain a monthly financial summary of school council funds;
  • communicate the financial summary of the school council to council members at each scheduled meeting;
  • communicate and collaborate regularly with the school secretary and principal on the financial standing of school council funds;
  • work in collaboration with the fundraising committee to determine receivable and payable funds;
  • work in collaboration with the fundraising committee to count, to prepare deposit form and to submit funds raised to the school secretary and principal;
  • be the only member of council to communicate receivable and payable funds to the school secretary and principal;
  • collaborate with school council chairs and principal to provide the annual summary of school council funds to the Board.

  • responsible to the Chair
  • responsible for the fundraising sub-committee.
  • ensure all fundraising meetings are well publicized and remain open to the community and council members.
  • obtain a fundraising report/ financial report and
  • distribute to all Council members at the meeting as required. The report will be included in the minutes.

  • all members are subject to School Council by-laws and Code of Ethics.
  • all plans, proposals, functions and activities are subject to the approval of the Chair and committee prior to the final planning stages.
  • The committee members vote the by-laws in and these policies may be revisited/ revised by the new council members in the next school year. All other school council policies are to be adhered to from the School Council By-Laws Hastings and Prince Edward School Board.

Massassaga-Rednersville Public School

Massassaga-Rednersville Public School
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Toll-free: +1 800 267-4350
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